Implemented latest trends in VR capabilities for a US based real estate startup

The objective of this project was to extend the capabilities and experience for a vendor provided Virtual Reality (VR) framework. The development was catered to a Silicon Valley startup, founded by a Professor of the Boise State University, an expert in the field of computer graphics, scientific visualization, and computer science.

The solution is based on the Samsung Gear VR/Oculus VR framework and focuses on real estate-based demos and sharing of real-time Virtual reality content with its users.



Extended the existing core functionality in collaboration with the Samsung Gear VR/Oculus VR framework development teams.

The Solution

The following solutions were provided by 1 Billion Tech ;

  • Enhanced tile-based high-resolution VR content loading for a seamless VR user experience.
  • Developed algorithms to detect user gazing to enable hands-free user interaction with the Virtual environment.
  • Created a high-resolution VR content share feature enabling sharing of content real-time content with an audience of users.
  • Developed a VR remote controlled applications on iOS and Android to share VR content real-time with an audience of users.


A faster dynamic Virtual Reality content loading platform with enhanced functionality and a hands-free Virtual Reality experience.