Performance Testing for US based trading platform

TradeStation Securities, a subsidiary of TradeStation Group Inc., offers the TradeStation analysis and a trading platform to the active and institutional trader markets, operating at a sub-millisecond transaction speed.

The TradeStation platform offers an electronic trading platform that enables traders to test and automate technical and fundamental trading strategies across various asset classes, such as equities, equity and index options, futures, and foreign currencies.

The Challenge


1 Billion Tech provided TradeStation Securities a daily detailed statistical report on transaction speeds. The report was structured in a manner where TradeStation could identify areas that needed to be improved upon on to achieve superior performance on their system.

  • Created a new solution called PSA (Project Services Accelerator) on top of Dynamics CRM Project Service module to address the limitations of Project Service

The Solution

  • Raw data was processed to provide patterns and trends relating to latency
  • CPU, network, and memory utilization performance data were captured and linked to test scenarios
  • End-to-end testing was performed remotely through seamless collaboration


  • Based on the statistical data provided by 1 Billion Tech, TradeStation was able to improve their system performance by 75%
  • Enabled client to achieve mission critical processing speeds