Real-time event space booking

MillionSpaces, a marketplace where guests can discover, pay and book unique spaces online. The platform hosts a range of spaces that accommodate parties, conferences, meetings, interviews, trainings, photoshoots, weddings, hot desks, sports and concerts. Venue owners can list their space by entering some basic information and photographs, for no upfront fees, while MillionSpaces will recognize and feature the space on a series of promotional channels.

The Challenge

Finding spaces nearby is a tedious and time consuming process, Hotels and local hosts have unutilized space capacity. Booking a venue for a wedding, meeting or any sort of event can be time consuming if you physically have to be present at the location to make a reservation.

Early Adopters

How 1 Billion Tech Helped

MillionSpaces, accessible through, disrupts and simplifies the process of finding the ideal venue to match any occasion from the convenience of your mobile device. It hosts spaces for a wide variety of corporate and social events that can be booked in just 3 clicks. MillionSpaces leverages mobile and cloud technologies for a unique experience. MillionSpaces creates a sharing platform enabling space supply and demand to meet in the middle.

  • Easy to use
  • Real-time availability
  • Instant booking
  • Secured transactions
  • Zero upfront investment
  • Free publicity for hosts


MillionSpaces is the only platform to provide real time availability of spaces and an instant booking feature with the best price guarantee. Every space is curated by the MillionSpaces team with an eye for tasteful design. What’s great is that it negates the multitude of phone calls you have to make to find the perfect space that fits your budget and location. MillionSpaces anticipates that this platform will uncover an array of exciting new spaces and expand the market.

Future Roadmap

MillionSpaces was initially launched in Colombo and has a roadmap to expand globally across US and Europe.