Crypto-Currency Trading Platform With Integrated Location Services

This product was developed in 2014 when Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were not as well-known as it is today. Bitcoin Bazaar was developed for a bay area startup named Bay Coins, LLC. The requirement was for a crypto-currency trading platform where crypto-currency can be traded seamlessly with integrated location services and a high degree of safety for the users.


The client presented us with 3 challenges;


We worked closely with the client to first understand the blockchain technology and analysed other cryptocurrencies at that time. Upon narrowing it down to focusing on Bitcoin, the team set out to create this trading platform ground-up while addressing all the client needs. This application was a first of its kind as there were no mobile based bitcoin trading platform at the time.

The Solution

Developed a Cryptocurrency trading platform where users can trade Bitcoin within a specific location or via online. Location and user-based search algorithms to improve on search result accuracy. A mobile trading platform that runs on iOS and Android.


A unified mobile solution which allows users to trade Bitcoin in a safe and secure manner. The client also received a product that was one of the first of its kind as it was on both iOS and Android platforms.

1 Billion Tech co founder and CTO Dr. Shahani Markus, who is also CTO of Bay Coins said, “Mobile is a natural fit for those who want to trade Bitcoins, and buying or selling with cash is still the easiest way to acquire the currency. In the past, finding someone near you to transact with wasn’t easy with mobile devices. With Bitcoin Bazaar, anyone can buy or sell Bitcoin in person easily.” Dr. Markus, a Computer Science Ph.D. from Purdue University, and former CTO of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka.