Making The Healthcare Management Processes Intuitive, Efficient And Worry-Free

As its name suggests, HAnalytics is a company dedicated to providing better ways to manage Health Analytics. Based in western Canada, this health startup is conceiving a healthcare toolset designed to empower patients and practitioners alike.

Often during a trying and emotional event such as a serious illness, healthcare data can become scattered, overwhelming and difficult to communicate for the patient. With the pending launch of its application, HAnalytics provides a vital tool for patients and their loved ones to manage these complexities with ease.


Dealing with a serious illness can be an incredibly stressful and emotional journey. The new application is planned to help patients navigate this journey with practical and easy-to-use healthcare management tools. Below are some key elements which were considered in scope.

  • Enhanced peace of mind to both patients and their caregivers
  • Greater control over a patient’s decision making and health outcome
  • A comprehensive and scalable snapshot of health data from multiple sources
  • User-friendly tools that can be accessed by patient and caregivers
  • Lower healthcare cost through patient-driven healthcare organization
  • Central management of prescriptions, supplements, alternative care, etc.
  • Greater patient engagement and increased therapeutic compliance
  • Correlate symptoms and wellness with overlapping treatments

Features Requested by the Client

Appointment Management
Subscription to Clinical Trials
Access to Community Groups
Contacts management
Images/Document Repository
Secure Login
User friendly Navigation/Utility Nav
OCR for Prescriptions & Medication
Profile Management
Questions & Answers
Report Generation
Routine Management
Profile & Account Setup
Access to Related Surveys Therapies/Treatment Management
Cross Browser & Platform Compatibility (Web, Mobile, Android, iOS etc.)

The Challenge

The application was expected to be developed using React Native Web & Node JS, whilst React Native was a cross platform framework, which was relatively new to the industry. As such, the biggest challenge faced by Auxenta was to build an inhouse React Native Web expert group. The development team assigned to the project gave its fullest commitment and showed remarkable hard work in successfully mastering this technology and proceding with the project work as expected.

The application also uses commonly available medical and healthcare related APIs (Clinical Trials, Surveys, etc.) to provide extended features to patients. Integrating with such APIs and only enabling applicable information to respective users was a challenge that was overcome through extensive R&D.

Also, ensuring the application is cross browser and cross platform compatible for both Web and Mobile (Android, iOS, etc.) for various commonly used devices was a challenge entrusted to the Dev and QA teams.


  • A highly skilled offshore team was groomed with the required technical capabilities (React Native Web) within a 4-week window and was deployed to gain domain expertise.
  • During phases of lack of clarity in client requirements, Auxenta played the role of BA/SME, providing suggestions and recommendations for improvement of the overall usability as well as the user experience of the application.
  • A QA team with an eye for quality, attentive to the most minute of details to be tested was in place with quality assured. 0 UAT findings.
  • A detailed project management and status reporting dashboard via Jira and daily/weekly status reports and calls.
  • Flexibility of change in requirements without impacting the quality of deliverables.
  • Highly skilled, dedicated, and experienced offshore team.

Benefits to Client

  • Cost benefit for the client doing the full end to end development offshore as opposed to onshore (resources, infrastructure, overheads, risk factors, etc.).
  • Long term contractual engagement (Vendor-Client relationship) with special rates for business continuity and services provided in QA, Technical and Project Management aspects in the future.
  • Maintenance and Support services from offshore for live features.
  • Thorough testing and early detection of issues. Dedicated environment for UAT and continuous QA and Technical Support during UAT.
  • Quick turnaround on issues, clarifications and other requests.
  • Services beyond contractual obligations such as domain consultancy, subject matter expertise and advice, helping the client with requirements identification and alignment with industry standards, etc.