Solution Workshop

Quick and comprehensive assesment of the suitability of the WSO2 integrated products suite into any integration scenario.

Experts in carrying out Proof of Concepts (POCs) and user trainings in the enterprise integration domain.

Well equipped resources, who can deploy in the client sites in a short notice to solve industry enterprise integration issues especialliy with exposure to wide range of AWS and WSO2 product offerings.

Architecture Blueprint

Acheive all your aggregation needs accross data sources, workflows and subsidiaries by leveraging tried and tested best in class middleware platforms.

We specialize in implementing Micro Services Architecture based integration solutions. The process we use encompasses digital Enterprise Architecture (EA) tranformation to Enterprises. We further specialize in transforming legacy back-ends via middlware components which includes Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), API management, Identity Management and Message Orchestration.

Deployment Services

We are experts in AWS cloud deployments and on-premise deployments with certified professionals in-house.

Gain our expertise in deploying lightweight Micro Services based components in cloud native container architectures via Docker, Docker Swam, Kubernettes.


In-house expertise in implementing SOA wide national level integrated platforms and Microservices based back-end integrations for large telcos and Government programmes.

Specialized in implementing, 1). WSO2 Product Suite (WSO2 EI, WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Analytics Server, WSO2 IoT Server) 2). AWS Integration Services Stack (AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS SQS, AWS SNS,AWS CloudFormation, AWS Data Pipeline, AWS Kinesis Streams/ Firehose,AWS EMR, Spark/ Flink on EMR, AWS IAM, etc)

Support and Maintenance

Auxenta will provide L2 and L3 support and carry out a broad coverage of Reactive and Proactive support services and provide reporting capability based on standard and customized reporting mechanisms.

Tools to be used for automation and workflow management can be mutually agreed upon, however Auxenta's recommendation is to leverage a tool such as ZenDesk which provides a comprehensive set of services with a great degree of accuracy and efficiency.